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photo by Vigilio Forelli



Durch, the last album of Mirko Pedrotti Quintet


Antonino Di Vita, JAZZiT , N.84 Sept/Oct 2014 .


“ (…) a work with a wide aesthetic spectrum, manifesting a musical way of thinking that develops polymorphic scenarios dedicated to a specific, modern alchemy of sound.”  

Taken from "When the Jazz is done in five" Wall Street International


"In my experience, music does not lie. It is a true mirror of the moods of the people with whom you play 

together and share a project. If there is harmony, then there is fertile ground to give birth to something unique that can create a special bond with the audience. Empathy touches hidden strings, gut feelings that remind us that we are alive and that without emotion our lives would taste of nothing. " Mirko Pedrotti 


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